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Sun Setting On Warm Sky Close Up Time Lapse

The guy pours water on his head trying to cool. Summer Heat

Fire In The Sky Sun And Smoke

Young person waving with a map to cool off in the heat, steadycam

Sunny Day with Sun and Clouds


Close up view of person dipping flat bread in a bowl of delicious spicy curry

Cooling Down on a Hot Summer Day

Overheated young woman experiencing high temperature indoors

The city fire with a black smoke on the bright sun background

A person in a warm room cools off with a fan


Close up view of person stirring chicken in boiling Yellow curry sauce in pan. Asian cuisine concept.

Young woman using fan to cool down in hot environment

Happy girl covers sunbeams on beautiful island beach

Refreshing Summer Cool-Down: Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Close-up of woman cooling off in the summer city. Woman using a fan outdoors in slow motion. Portrait of tired woman feeling stressed in an urban setting. Young woman observing her surroundings in the city.

Heat Wave: Scorching Sun and Sky


Close up view of person stirring tomato sauce boiling in a frying pan with spices. Cooking tomato sauce curry.

Female hands holding transparent glass cup of tea next to the window. Morning routine. Drinking hot tea breakfast. Home flower pot

I add salt to the minced meat with vegetables. 4k video

Spring roll with chicken or shrimps in rice paper with sweet and sour sauce close-up, cooking traditional korean chinese food. Tasty vietnamese cuisine.


Yellow boiling sauce on pan close-up. Asian cuisine concept. Curry is a dish with a sauce seasoned with spices. Curries may contain fish

Blending chillies with kitchen blender

Elegant young woman in a white dress and aviator sunglasses illuminated by sunlight

Making Cooking Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl in Kitchen with Broth, Chicken, Eggs


Selection of delicious spicy curry dishes with flat bread, ready to be enjoyed.

Bearded man ironing an orange shirt at home, preparing for the day

Young woman in professional attire working in modern office

Colorful hot air balloon at outdoor balloon festival

Dolly Shot Of Family Eating Pizza In A Pizzeria


Close up view of boiling curry sauce in pan. Asian cuisine concept.

Luggage lying on the beach and woman walking in background, steadycam shot

Young woman with dreads enjoying poolside cocktails with friends. Summertime pool party. Slowmotion shot.

Scenic View: Woman in Black Dress Enjoying Wheat Field

Lovely young person enjoying a snack in a park.

Fireball Exploding Sun Animation Effect


Cooking traditional Indian meal Palak paneer with spinach and cheese close up.

Add the chopped red onion to the Mexican soup

Woman with flu drinking medicine on sofa at home against cold illness disease sickness. Concept of healthcare and illness.

Woman in Africa finds relief from heat with a fan

Aerial view of a dry lake with rare green plants growing from deep cracks. Shot. Dried soil texture, concept of global warming and drought.


Close up view of person stirring chicken in boiling Yellow curry sauce in pan. Asian cuisine concept.

Cooking bacon slice for burgers on the grill close-up macro. The chef in kitchen of the restaurant making cutlets for smash burgers - smash

Closeup of delicious burgers in a restaurant. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers on wooden surface. Fast food in a pub.

Man in shower wash shampoo of black hair on head in bathroom. Hygiene with foam. Cleanliness of hair and body concept. Hair care, hygiene


Morning tea party. Pouring black tea from teapot into vintage porcelain cup.

Interior of the car. The man controls the air conditioning in the cabin.

Young woman in the city smiling at the camera. Steady cam shot, slow motion.

hazelnuts falling on whipped cream in a cup full of hot chocolate in the mall. concept of Christm