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Closed sign hanging on the door front of a shop

The closed and open sign on a glass door

Happy young man closing sign on coffee shop door, owner ends service on window

Woman closes the laptop and goes out

Two close friend helping each other for coming final examination, explaining new project business plan, confident businesswoman showing an idea presentation to client, private tutor home school

A business owner puts a CLOSED sign on the front door due to the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic.

Professional musician plays bass guitar with pick at rehearsal extreme close view

Close sign wooden board hanging on glass door store. Close store or barbershop from COVID-19, start the lockdown and quarantine.

Christmas tree decorations and toys. Abstract and background scene

Whole roasted chicken with vegetables, on wooden table

Exploring Together: Young Travelers on Rocky Coastline with GPS Tracker and Map

Bride in long white dress and veil sitting in a church before the ceremony. Action. Young lady in front of the altar.

Sun shines through tree crowns in a forest - a hiker walks past


A close view of lush, green foliage bathed in sunlight, highlighting the vibrant life within a dense forest.

Dolly along a large pile of cut and stacked wood/logs/lumber

Small business owner closing shop during COVID-19 pandemic

Portrait of young man enjoying a delicious cappuccino after a productive day

A thoughtful Muslim woman nods in an urban park - closeup


Close up of the hands of top managers in business suits. Shake hands with each other, agree to a deal or say hello. Unrecognizable person

Close-up of financial cash flow data on PC screen. Mortgage payment sheet schedule. Loan fee

Student takes online exam from home

Handheld documentary style shot of empty hospital corridor with medical equipment electrical machines. Patient monitor for state of health

Sad, unhappy woman standing close to the window with city view, 240fps

Dragonfly close to the water moving his feet and flies away


Portrait of young asian girl sitting in car and leaning out of side window smiling during road trip in countryside.

Woman hold cellphone with green screen

Woman enjoys Rest and tranquility close to nature on deck of country house at night

Young person enjoys tea at an Eastern restaurant

A door on a corrugated steel building opens then slams shut. Door centered.

Super slow motion footage of a man welding metal parts in a workshop

Woman records video sitting at kitchen table at home


A woman in casual clothes finishes typing on a laptop, closes the lid and gets up from the table. Night work from home

Woman in sunglasses enjoying a cocktail by the pool. Relaxing moment in swimwear.

Close Up Of Hands Preparing Home Made Burger

Couple being entertained by content playing from tablet. - slow motion

Smiling Latino Student in Library with Books

Sporty people looking to the camera, steadycam shot, slow motion shot

Romantic couple in love cuddling in a park sunset

Portrait of little Girl Looking At Camera

sport, football and people - soccer player playing and juggling with ball on field

Pyramid Melting with Hot Air

Young woman singing and dancing with a microphone

Man using digital tablet at home in the evening

low angle shot of couple having fun while painting house

Lonely pigeon cleans feathers on the roof

Portrait of elderly man with glasses in the Park looking at the camera


Close-up shot of green screen template smartphone in female hands at home. Girl is watcing content without touching gadget screen. Use

A closeup on a police tape across an apartment door