Licensing shouldn’t be a hassle

Storyblocks is dedicated to giving our customers peace-of-mind that they’ll avoid copyright claims with properly licensed assets from a trusted source. Our customers are protected in perpetuity by the highest level of legal coverage in the industry.

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100% Royalty Free

Anything you download is yours to use royalty free, all within the flat price of your subscription fee. There's no need to track different licenses used for each asset or project, and no surprise bills after your campaign launches.

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Worldwide Distribution

Our license has no restrictions on geography, or the number of times a project is viewed. We want your stories to be seen far and wide. Check your plan details to make sure you are covered for the channels that you need.

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In Perpetuity

Anything you create and publish during your time as a Storyblocks member will be covered by our license - forever. Your license never expires, so your stories can live on too.

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YouTube Claims Support

Our platform helps you proactively avoid Content ID claims, so you won't risk delays when publishing your videos to YouTube. If any issues do arise, our support team will jump in to assist to get your claim resolved quickly.

Licensing options

We offer two easy to understand licensing options: Individual and Business. Anything you download—video, images, audio, or templates —will be covered by the license associated with your plan.

Individual License

Ideal for content creators, freelancers, and video professionals.


Assets licensed to an individual


Up to 20,000 USD covering an individual

Production Budget



Assets can be used for any of the following use cases: educational, print, multimedia, games, in-store merchandising, and the internet.

Rights Certificates

& Cue Sheets

Included in the Pro plan only

Perpetual Use

Perpetual use for projects created during your Storyblocks subscription

Exclusive FeaturesExclusive features are not applicable
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Does this sound like you?

Check out our plans.

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Business License

Best for creative teams. Give your entire department, company, or organization the coverage it needs.

Business License

Ideal for teams and companies who require coverage for their organization.

Sharing Permissions

Assets licensed to your organization. When a user leaves your company, the license doesn't leave with them.

Production Budget

Up to 1,000,000 USD covering an organization




Assets can be used for any of the following use cases: educational, print, multimedia, games, merchandise, and the internet, broadcast, TV, streaming / OTT and feature films.



Creative Tools

Perpetual use for current and future projects created with your Storyblocks subscription

Exclusive Features

Unlock features to scale your creative output and empower your entire team with Maker for Teams, SSO, and shared project folders.

Does This Sound Like You?

Let's get you set up.

Does this sound like you?

Let's get you set up.

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Focus on creating, not double-checking your legal rights

Select the license that best meets your needs, now and in the future


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